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PROPLAN > 2016 Federal Budget MASSIVE contributions and TTR Changes

Summary: July 1 2017 all concessional contributions caps will drop from $35k pa to $25k pa. Effective May 3 budget night 2016 lifetime cap of $500,000 for all non concessional (after tax) contributions No activity test for contributions to super for 65-74 year olds effective July 1 2017 July 1 2017 a cap of $1.6million [...]

PROPLAN > Meet Mr Market (Oct 22 2015)

Even though the Stock Market is made up of millions of individual buyers and sellers, it forms somewhat of a collective consciousness of its own. Ben Graham, the father of Value Investing, dubbed this character “Mr Market”.   He’s the guy on the other end of your investment trades. When you buy, your buying his [...]

PROPLAN > “Walking your dog on a long leash” Sep 24 2015

Afternoon all, I know I must sound like a broken record here, but honestly — there is no credible way of knowing what market prices will do in the short term. None, zero, zilch!   Prices are determined through the interaction of countless, faceless agents. All acting according to their own circumstances and outlook, few of [...]

PROPLAN > The Updated Mothership Chart Sep 3 2015

Another wave of selling on the worlds Sharemarkets and the question on the medias lips is “Another GFC?” The economic drivers are similar, moral hazard being ramped up by thoughtless governments this time, rather than reckless Investment Banks. I am unsure of where we will be in the next 12 months, but I continually refer [...]

PROPLAN > “And you thought Shares were risky…..?” Sep 10 2015

“You mean to tell me that ALL of your money is in shares!?”So queried an exasperated mate of mine at a recent BBQ. “That seems pretty risky if you ask me!” It’s not an uncommon response, and why I usually don’t mention it. To most people, it sounds like I’m gambling with my family’s future. [...]

PROPLAN > The Sting in the Tail for Pensioners from Budget Night!

Budget night has passed and one of the major changes (that I will deal with here) is the change in the Assets test for Age Pensions that will come into effect from Jan 1 2017. Simply put, a couple now can have $1,151,500 in assets outside of your home and get a part Aged pension. [...]

PROPLAN > The “Lucky” and the “Unlucky” Retiree….

The Lucky Retiree and the Unlucky Retiree If you got an average return of 10% per annum over 10 years in your first 10 years of retirement you would be pretty happy wouldn’t you? Well not necessarily…..let’s look at the “Lucky” retiree and the “unlucky” retiree. Both Lucky and Unlucky have a starting balance of [...]

PROPLAN > Market Movements over last few weeks > Oct 9 2014

Have been away for last 2 ½ weeks and have come back to a near 9% fall in the value of the ASX since our high for year was hit on September 3 at 5658 points.   What has been the reason and is it time to be worried?   There are a few reasons [...]

PROPLAN > “Rogers Story”

Hello all,   For nearly 20 years now I have been involved with people and their finances, and have come to recognise that there is often a huge amount of emotional baggage that people bring to the financial decision making process. The story below deals with a man with “emotional intelligence”. He rules his wealth, [...]

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